Welcome onboard M/Y Chico

Chico, a gentleman's motor yacht, was built in 1932 at St. Monans, Fife. A Dunkirk Little Ship, and registered as a National Historic Ship, she is now available for charter on the West Coast of Scotland. There are three double cabins for up to six guests, with separate crew accommodation. Day trips for up to eight people can be booked by arrangement. Please visit our website for more details.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Motor Boat and Yachting

We had the pleasure of the company of Peter and Jane Cumberlidge for a cruise earlier this year. Peter has written an article for 'Motor Boat and Yachting' about cruising the West Coast on a classic motor yacht, which is due to be published in the January issue out on December 6th.

Peter is an authority on cruising the French coast, for which he has written a number of pilot books, whilst Jane has published books on both British and French inland waterways.

The summer is long gone but the varnishing never stops....

Our winter berth this year is at James Watt Dock Marina, http://www.jameswattdockmarina.co.uk/ , based in one of Greenock's old docks. It's an interesting spot both from a shipping point of view, with tugs, pilot boats and various commercial vessels always on the go, and from an historical one. To anyone familiar with the area the biggest landmarks are the Titan crane and the Sugar Warehouse, where the bulk of Britain's sugar was landed before Tate & Lyle finally closed their Greenock factory in 1997.

Fortunately this warehouse forms part of the Marina, giving useful indoor boat storage and also an enormous workshop for winter maintenance, .....and varnishing.